Jo says......

“I love being a Wobble instructor.”

“This wonderful programme that was created by fitness instructor Sarah Goldsack & physiotherapist Rebecca Flint (pictured here)  is not only very rewarding to teach, but it also really does make exercise accessible for everyone. And with myself coming from a care background before getting into fitness, I love being involved with older people and/or people who need that extra level of understanding.”

Who should try Wobble?

Wobble is ideal for anyone who cannot stand for the duration of a 45-minute class and would like the option to sit or stand, or who needs to focuses on exercises that help to improve strength, mobility and confidence: This could be due to inactivity, ageing, illness or an injury that has resulted in a loss of functional ability. 

 What Is Wobble?    

Wobble is a seated exercise class to music and offers an entry point to the millions of people who would benefit physically and mentally from a seated exercise class.

It is sociable, fun and will boost your happy hormones.

Our fabulous playlist and engaging formula will ensure you leave with a smile and a feeling of positivity and well being.

For more information take a look at the Wobble website using this link – Wobble – Seated Exercise Classes in the UK

View the short video below of Sarah Goldsack ( 1 of the creators of Wobble) to get a very small taster of what Wobble is like.

 How much does it cost to ‘Wobble with Jo’ ?


I take my Wobble classes into local residential care homes and sheltered housing either on a regular basis or just as a one off.

If you are interested in finding out how much this costs, please feel free to contact me, as it will depend on where you are located.