Lynn Bennington & Hollie Pengelly

National Mother & Daughter Slimmer of the year

Their Story

Lynn & Hollie from the Norton class received a “National Mother & Daughter Slimmer of the year title”  after losing 14 stone 5lbs between them in 18 months after joining in February 2011. They took the decision to lose weight after Hollie had a pair of trousers rip from front to back at work. After refusing to buy the next size up Hollie was determined to slim down.

Lynn says “I worked with Jo before she became an instructor and I watched her lose her weight so I knew she could help us and although I was very nervous about doing the exercise because I’d always suffered with a bad back and was very unfit, Jo encourages you to work at your own level and really puts you at ease. She also makes the classes great fun so we really looked forward to going which helped us lose our weight and stay motivated. We both feel so much better now and the back problem I used to suffer with has disappeared since losing weight.” Hollie added, “Paying the monthly premier fee really worked for us as it made us get to class at least twice a week for no extra cost!”


Alison Roberts

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