Liz Voden


Achiever of the Year Award 2016

Liz’s Story

There were 3 achievers of the year in 2016 and one of the awards went to Liz Voden who attends the Stowupland classes.

Liz joined the classes in September 2015 and since then has consistently chipped away at losing weight. Along the way there have been frustrating weeks were her weight plateaued but she never gave up and by the end of 2016 she was just 1lb away from having lost 3 stone. I’m really proud of Liz and I know that she is a great inspiration all the other class members, particularly those whom are over a “certain age” as Liz has proven that whatever age you are- weight loss can be achieved. Liz is the perfect example of persistence paying off! I look forward to Liz losing her final half stone and reaching her target weight.

Liz Voden Before


Liz Before








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 Liz After








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