Keren Goff



Achiever of the Year Award 2016





Keren’s Story

There were 3 achievers of the year in 2016 and one of the awards went to Keren Goff who is the cashier at the Newmarket class.

Keren lost around 5 stone in weight back in 2009 at my classes, but after several years of maintaining and leading a stressful life with running her own business she regained some of the weight she’d lost: After losing weight before, Keren ran 2 London marathons and lots of other races to raise lots of money for Cancer Research UK and put her body (and herself) under immense pressure. Keren was also was given the honour of being a torch bearer of the Olympic flame for the London 2012 Olympic games after raising so much money for CRUK. Following the weight gain it took until April 2016 before she felt ready to tackle her weight again and tackle it she did. After steadily losing weight pretty much every week for 6 months Keren found herself 3 stone down in weight. She still wants to lose 1 more stone to get back to what she feels will be a maintainable weight for her and I just know with her determination she will succeed. I should also add that 2016 was a very stressful year for Keren with a big house move that had lots of ups and downs, so it just goes to show that with the right attitude, anyone can lose weight if they put their mind to it!

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