Frank Rew & Cynthia Gray


A “Very special Award” 2016

Frank & Cynthia’s Story

Along with the slimmer of the year awards for 2016 I had very special extra award to give out and it went to Frank Rew & Cynthia Gray who both attend the Stowupland classes.

Frank and Cynthia have been attending the classes for a couple of years or so now. They both came on their own and lost almost 2 stone each, but in losing weight, they found each other after I sat them together at our 2015 Christmas Party as I thought they would get on really well. Little did I know!!

I was so delighted at our 2016 party to be able to present them with some flowers so say how pleased I am that they are now “officially” a couple, and I know they won’t mind me saying that at the young ages of 77 & 78 I think it’s fantastic to get some romance back in your life! Frank & Cynthia – you make a lovely couple, and are a real inspiration to everyone at class, showing that you can lose weight and exercise, whatever age you are!

Frank Rew Before


Frank Before

Keren Goff After


 Frank & Cynthia After

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