Be motivated and supported by Jo

 “If you can’t make my classes then my online service is for you.
I believe I offer everything you need. Not only will you will have the support of myself,
but also that of my class members, when you join our private class Facebook group”

Jo's Fit4all Online - A personal service

“I truly care about every one of my members results – be they an online member or a class member. That is what makes my service to you special”

Fabulous Support

“I’m there for every single one of my members, and the results speak for themselves! The support we all offer each other via our members Facebook group feels like being part of a family and helps us to not just lose weight, but to make lifestyle changes that allow us to keep that weight off for good. So whether you’re an online member or a class member I will help you”

Healthy weight loss

“My philosophy is to lose weight healthily. I totally understand if you want quick results and my support can definitely offer that, but I always say there is no point being slim and unhealthy: So let’s do this sensibly and make lifestyle changes along the way instead of following a “faddy diet” that doesn’t help you keep your weight loss off for good.”

A great price!

“From just £8 a month I feel I offer you great value for money. Whatever package you choose, I can promise you I will be doing all I can to help you succeed. You genuinely won’t find anyone that will care about your results and your health as much as I will. With my service, there is ‘just me’ as your point of contact, so it’s a real personal service.”

So, what do you get when you join Jo’s Fit4all Online?

A website that gives you all of the following:-

  • Online weight loss materials including a “How to lose weight for good booklet”, a guide to help you with “Nutrition” and a “Menu Suggestions & Useful Information booklet” offering 2 weeks worth of suggestions for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and treats and heaps of advice for successful weight loss.
  • Free access to an additional ‘Easy 7 day menu’ to give you an additional weight loss plan to follow.
  • Plus, you can choose to access other diet plans, either at a small charge (£2.50 for a 7 day plan, £4.00 for a 14 day plan or £5 for a 28 day plan) or pay a 1 off fee of £25 to gain access to the Jo’s Fit4all Online ‘Hub’ with a whole range of existing and future diet plans, including new recipes each month).
  • A motivational ‘Facebook Live’ chat from Jo once a week, with an informative health, fitness or weight loss related talk (this is not available on the £8.00 option).
  • Portion control information.
  • Your own private members area where you can track your weight loss and measurements, set personal goals, keep a food and exercise diary, create a photo diary or if you prefer to keep a hand wrotten food diary – then you can access a hard copy to do that also. 
  • An abundance of online motivational material and information including the chance to read Jo’s personal weight loss story called “The right frame of mind.”
  • Access to Jo’s Fit4all Online Facebook exercise group (if you choose one of the exercise packages during the checkout process), with around 700 recorded video’s to choose from. These include Aerobics, Paracise, Boxing style classes, Tabata, various styles of HiiT, Disco & ‘themed’ classes, Stretch & Tone and Toning.
  • Access also to some online workouts that have been hand picked by Jo, including Paracise, HiiT and Aerobics on the Jo’s Fit4all Online website.
  • Access to recipes which have been hand selected by Jo, giving you a whole host of meal suggestions that are low calorie, healthy, filling, nutritious and ideal for weight loss: Including family favourites, low sugar, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and low fat.
  • Access to a whole range of weight loss, healthy eating and fitness information.
  • Weight loss/healthy eating information for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, people with high cholesterol, suggestions for members with coeliac disease or an intolerance to dairy, wheat or gluten and pre and post natal advice.

As well as all the above:-

  • After joining, Jo will email you and ask you to complete a health questionnaire to offer you any personal advice prior to starting a weight loss and exercise regime to make sure we can exercise you safely.
  • Jo will also email you the terms and conditions of joining Jo’s Fit4all Online (there is no contract so you are free to stop at any time) and a standing order form to set up any following payments, should you wish to continue after your first month. If you’d prefer not to pay by standing order you can continue to pay via this website or by BACS if preferred.
  • You will be able to join our private class and online members Facebook group and get daily support, not just from Jo, but also from her class members, giving you the chance to buddy up and find fellow Myfitnesspal & fitness tracker users.
  • Receive daily challenges from Jo via the Facebook group page: A daily fitness challenge, a daily challenge to help with you losing weight and there’s always a motivational quote of the day.
  • Contact Jo once a week with your weigh in results and there will be an ‘Online member of the month.’ 
  • With any of the weight loss options, you can message Jo with any questions at anytime and Jo will get back to you as quickly as possible – please bear in mind that she also runs lots of community classes a week so it might take a little while to get back to you on occasions.
  • You will receive a motivational monthly class newsletter full of inspiration via email.
  • The chance to take part in class weight loss challenges.

What my Customers Are Saying

““Don’t just take it my word for it – here are 3 testimonials from satisfied members”’

“Jo is always at the other end of the Internet to offer support, inspiration and advice on a healthy lifestyle. She isn’t just 9 to 5 Monday to Friday either, so is there when people may be at their lowest and ready to dive into the biscuit tin.”



“Well, I for one find Jo’s Fit4all members group invaluable. There is always someone to make you feel better about yourself and it’s lovely to be able to get support just when you need it. Someone nearly always has a solution to your problem, and it goes without saying that there is 100% support from Jo, who is unfailingly there for me, however many times I fall by the wayside! She is so easy to talk to, I don’t think there is anything I couldn’t discuss with her. I would be lost without Jo and her members.



Jo is always there for you through “fat” and thin….she offers those very special words of support and guidance through what can be a real maze of “so called” content information on packets – easy to be fooled..but Jo makes sure you get the information right and she gets you motivated too….what more could you ask for?



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to think about when exercising/slimming at home?
  • Make sure you have something to drink to hand as you’ll need to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Use a floor mat for any toning work to make it more comfortable. Having a towel to hand is useful too – not just to wipe away the sweat but it can also help to give support when placed behind your head when doing abdominal work to keep your spine in alignment.
  • You don’t have to wear proper sportswear, any comfortable, loose fitting is fine (although avoid any trousers that are too long.) Please ensure your footwear is non slip and preferably trainers.
  • Please make sure you have adequate room to follow all of the exercises – clear a space before you start!
  • Please make sure you have suitable flooring – do not work out on slippery floors or on worn carpets or surfaces.
  • Don’t do anything that you are not comfortable doing and avoid anything that you find causes any discomfort. Always follow any advice Jo offers you on the screening form and especially any advice from any medical professional – do not partake in anything you have been told to avoid. Jo cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused by working out at home.
  • If you feel unwell at any time, stop and seek medical advice. The guide for safe exercise is to always be able to hold a conversation whilst working out, to get hot and sweaty and out of breath is fine, but do not push yourself too soon.
  • Always complete a warm up prior to doing a work out – you need to prepare your body for exercise.
  • Always complete any stretches that are in the workout to avoid muscle soreness – don’t be tempted to skip them, thinking that they are not important!
  • Before embarking on any weight loss plan, it is worth getting checked out by your GP and follow any advice your are given.
  • Make sure you complete the screening from honestly so as Jo can give you any specific advice regarding losing weight for you as an individual.
What is your refund policy?

Jo’s Fit4all Online offers a no-questions-asked refund to all customers within 30 days of joining. If you are not satisfied with the service, then simply send Jo an email and she will refund straight away. Her goal has always been to create a happy and thriving members group so if you are not thrilled with Jo’s level of commitment to you and the group then she has no interest in forcing you to continue being a part of her service.

Can I join your classes after signing up for online?

Yes, you can join my classes at any time. I understand that you may want to lose some weight prior to joining the actual classes or simply not be able to make my class times, but rest assured you will be welcome to come along at any time should your circumstances change. Simply contact Jo to let her know of your intentions and if you join on a monthly membership option at the classes then you will still be able to access the online platform that you use now. However it is not included in pay as you go options so bear that in mind when deciding what to do.

Can anyone join your online classes?

Yes, absolutely, but please bear in mind that I only speak English and my website platform is only written in English, so if you are non English speaking or from outside of the UK then I probably am not the service you are after.


Will the exercise on the video's be suitable for me?

If you’ve never exercised before (or it has been a long time) then please seek medical advice before taking part, especially if you have any medical conditions. Jo’s advice is always to listen to your body and do what you can. If you think you are really unfit then you can build up what you can manage over time and maybe just start with a warm up and gradually do more. Jo will offer you specific advice once she has read the health questionnaire that you will complete at your first class – but please remember that as Jo will not be present she cannot be held responsible for any injures. You are responsible for your own welfare and must follow any advice given to you by Jo or your health professionals.

Why should I choose your online service over others?

 Jo says

“Well the one thing that my members consistently tell me is that they can see I care about them and their results. I get so much pleasure from helping people get fitter, healthier and slimmer each week and helping them improve physically and that will include you too.”
“I’m not into faddy “diets” and I truly believe that the way to lose weight and keep it off is by adapting to a long term change of attitude towards food and a more active lifestyle. My service can help educate you on what we need to eat for good health and how to manage our weight.”
“My online members booklets include. “A nutritional guide” with advice on healthy eating guidelines and calorie information, “How to lose weight for good” booklet and a “Useful information & menu suggestion” booklet plus there’s information on portion control and much, much more. Since Jo’s Fit4all started I have had hundreds of members successfully lose weight using my resources.”
“I don’t have a one fits all “diet” approach: Instead I prefer to tailor the nutritional advice I offer to help you as an Individual, as each one of us are different. Whether you choose to eat lower calorie, low fat, 5:2 or eat clean I can support you to do any of these: If you already have a plan that works for you then you are more than welcome to continue following your plan and use my online service for additional support.
“I do not tell you how much weight you should lose. You set your targets with what you want to achieve in mind and take it from there, or we can do it together if you prefer. A target set can always be altered and if you prefer not to have a target then that is fine by me too.
I also send out a motivational monthly newsletter full of inspiration via email.

Is there anything else I can get involved in as an online member?

Yes there is if you’d like to! As a “club” I like to arrange days out and hold events. You would be most welcome to join in on any that you wish. Obviously depending on where you live might restrict what you can do, but any of my London trips you could always meet us there if that is better for you.

  •  An annual theatre/shopping trip
  • Charity barn dances & bingo evenings
  • Trips to be in the audience at TV shows
  • A wonderful annual health spa weekend to Ragdale Hall
  • Our annual Christmas party with our slimmer of the year presentations
Is there a contract for how long I have to sign up for?

No there isn’t. You are free to cancel your payments to Jo at any time……you would also be welcomed back at any time should you wish to use Jo’s online service again.

    Let Jo help you!


    “If you find yourself in need of weight loss and don’t want to join a class, or have no access to a suitable class near you, then don’t hesitate to join Jo’s Fit4all Online – I guarantee to offer you a warm welcome!”
    “I have been helping members lose weight since 2009 plus I have experience of being overweight myself for almost 20 years so I know how to inspire and motivate you to lose weight for yourself. It also means I understand how you may be feeling:
    The mixed emotions about joining, the embarrassment, the lack of self esteem and confidence and how life is generally harder on a daily basis by carrying excess weight. If you’re finding it hard to take the first step then I would encourage you to do so
    – you’ll be so glad you did.”
    If you’d like to chat first then please feel free to in touch or why not bite the bullet and sign up now?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you. Jo x