Inspiration Recipe Kits


  • ​Low fat & Low calorie
  • No added sugar or salt
  • No preservatives
  • MSG free
  • Gluten free
  • No subscription
  • Save 10% buying in my classes

Tasty main dishes

Created for people on weight management & diet plans or who just like to eat healthily!

Curing Kits

It’s so easy to cure your own salmon or bacon with these recipe kits….& delicious too!

Recipe Kit Contents

1. Easy to follow “Let’s Cook” instructions
2. Your shopping list to complete your meal
3. Fresh ingredients
4. Full nutritional data

What We Think of the Recipe Kits

Take it from us, we’re seriously impressed!

Jo says, “I love how the recipe kits make preparing tasty meals so easy. They encourage people to cook and eat healthily without compromising on flavour. As they have been created for people on weight management or diet plans, they are perfect to promote to my class members and to anyone else wanting to eat healthily. I literally can’t wait to spread the word and support a fellow Suffolk based business.”

Jo Butcher

Jo's Fit4all Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes them suitable for people on diet or weight management plans?

If you buy the ingredients as stated, and follow the recipe instructions that comes in each pack, then a lot of them are 3g of total fat or less per 100g making them low in fat.

Can I place an order online and collect my order in class?

This option is now no longer available. Please feel free to contact Jo directly and I can order on your behalf so as you can save 10% and still collect in class.

Can I buy the kits in your classes?

Yes, you can. I keep a certain amount of stock which can be bought and taken away or you can place orders through me to collect in class – everything I sell in class will save you 10% from the website price.

What exactly do the kits contain?

With the ‘Inspiration’ recipe kits you are buying the herb & spice mix that has been developed by a local Suffolk chef. With each main dish you also get a shopping list, so as you know what ingredients you need to buy to complete your meal, and you get recipe instructions to follow so as you are able to cook your own authentic “takeaway” type meal, but at a fraction of the cost and the calories!

How many servings are in each kit?

There are up to 4 servings in each of the ‘Inspiration’ recipe kits. All of the meals once cooked can be frozen to be eaten at a later date, and portioned up first if you are cooking for say, 1 person.

Are all the kits gluten free?

Yes they mostly are, as long as you stick to the shopping list stated on the back of each pack. All of the packs are clearly labelled to show allergen information, so make sure you check the product information before ordering to be sure.

Can I give you feedback on the products?

Yes please do! Easy Peasy Cooking will welcome your feedback and use it to develop the product further. You can do this by contacting Jo’s Fit4all Classes or Easy Peasy Cooking direct.