Do you feel like it’s impossible to motivate yourself to lose weight? Or when you do you quickly lose that motivation and quit?

What if there was a way to get that motivation and keep it; a few simple steps to follow in order to put yourself on the right track and stay there. Would it be worth giving it a go?

What’s going to make the difference?

It’s easy to plod along and accept ourselves as we are, which is fine if we’re truly happy and healthy, but we gain nothing from hiding the truth from ourselves.

Kidding ourselves that our clothes have shrunk in the wash or that we don’t notice the additional inches on the waistline every time that we look in the mirror.

You know what I mean. We’ve all done it: gained weight but not “accepted” that we have.

How often do you ask yourself, “Why is it so much easier to put on than to take it off?”

For that reason we often find ourselves not trying because we don’t believe weight loss is possible, but is it though? Or is it because actually we can’t be bothered; it’s just too much effort?

To lose weight not only requires effort but it also takes time, planning, determination and lots of willpower, and sometimes the fear of failure can be overwhelming.

All we focus on is that it didn’t work before so why should it be any different this time?

“What’s going to make a difference?”, I hear you ask.

Move out of the comfort zone

So perhaps on this occasion we decide that staying the way we are is a better option, that way you haven’t failed and you won’t feel like you’ve let anyone down when you don’t succeed.

But come on isn’t that the easy option, the safe option?

To stay the way you are keeps you within your comfort zone and sometimes that feels like a good thing. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I took myself out of my comfort zone?” And not just with weight loss or fitness goals but in your everyday life?

Staying the same is easy and comfortable, but life would be boring if we didn’t challenge ourselves occasionally.

So if you do need to lose weight and want to then you have to step away from the comfort zone.

Be brave. The easy option is to stay as we are. So take pride in yourself that you are setting yourself this challenge and making yourself potentially feel vulnerable.

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Be realistic

Don’t say, “I want to lose 5 stone”. Instead make it half a stone and then set the next goal once you’ve achieved the last.

Set yourself a realistic goal, one that you truly believe you can achieve.

Take it one day at a time, one meal at a time and slowly your confidence will build and you will start to believe that you can and will achieve those goals that your set for yourself.

That takes real effort and makes you a true success, even if there are wobbles along the way, always remind yourself that you will be the one feeling the benefits and at some point in the not too distant future all your dreams will come true.

That may sound dramatic but when your life is not affected by your weight on a daily basis that really is how you are left feeling.

Take it from someone who knows. For the last 8 years my life has benefitted daily from my weight loss. My only regret is that I didn’t take my own advice and take control of my escalating weight 15 to 20 years earlier.

So please, if you’re not happy with the way you are don’t leave it any longer.

Do it now!

Do it for you and your health.

Stop fearing failure and the unknown.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and very soon those clothes will start to be feeling a whole lot more comfortable and your life will improve in many, many ways.

5 Steps to success

Here are our five key steps to overcoming weight loss failure.

  1. Make a decision right now to go for it.
  2. Move out of your comfort zone.
  3. Set short term realistic goals.
  4. Tell yourself that you can do it and don’t be afraid of failure.
  5. Make a plan of what you going to do differently.

Ultimate Diet Motivator Tool

Write them down or print them off and stick it on the wall where you’ll look at it everyday. Comment to let us know that you’ve signed-up to success and let us know how you’re getting along.

This article was contributed by Jo Butcher, owner of Jo’s Fit4All Classes.