'GREEN HEART' Recipe Kits


  • ​Low fat & low calorie
  • No added sugar or salt
  • No preservatives
  • MSG free
  • Gluten free
  • No subscriptions
  • FREE 2nd class delivery
  • FREE collection in class
  • A 20% discount using Jo’s code PLUS access to unique offers

Tasty main dishes & curry paste kits

Created for people on weight management & diet plans or who just like to eat healthily!

Healthy Seasonings

Turn bland Chicken, Meat, Fish or Vegetables into something really tasty for the whole family.

Side dishes

Side dishes that can also be eaten as a light lunch or supper snack.

Recipe Kit Contents

1. Easy to follow “Let’s Cook” instructions
2. Your shopping list to complete your meal
3. Fresh ingredients
4. Full nutritional data

……And the range has grown to include ‘Just Add’ meals to help you create low calorie, healthy meals using the freshest of ingredients which can be collected in my classes free of charge or from the Easy Peasy shop in Ipswich, or you can get them delivered straight to your door with a courier charge of £1.50.

To view the whole range click on the ‘buy now’ button at the bottom of this page and enter the password josfit4all to enter the site and then click on the ‘Just Add meal kits’ tab at the top and make your selection.

At the checkout you can then choose your chosen delivery or collection option……or you can order totally hassle free in class using our class order form and I can order on your behalf.

It really is that ‘Easy Peasy’……..

It's almost all in the box ...

Just add a further 1 to 4 simple ingredients to make a delicious meal for 2 or 4 people, of which most are free from many allergens, plus every meal kit includes full preparation and ‘Easy Peasy’ cooking instructions.

There's plenty to choose from.....

The range includes delicious chicken, beef, pork, lamb, vegetarian and prawn dishes, so you’ll be spoilt for choice and find it so easy to make a dish that is really tasty and healthy for the whole family.

Why 'Just add' meals?......

…Well, they make eating healthily and weight management a whole lot easier, helping you to cook top quality, low calorie dishes with easy to follow instructions that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

And now there’s kits for curing your own bacon & salmon….

What We Think of the Recipe Kits

Take it from us, we’re seriously impressed!

Jo says, “I love how the recipe kits make preparing tasty meals so easy, and how the seasonings easily transform a piece of chicken, meat, fish or vegetables. They encourage people to cook and eat healthily without compromising on flavour. As they have been created for people on weight management or diet plans, they are perfect to promote to my class members and to anyone else wanting to eat healthily. I literally can’t wait to spread the word and support a fellow Suffolk based business.”

Jo Butcher

Jo's Fit4all Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes them suitable for people on diet or weight management plans?

If you buy the ingredients as stated, and follow the recipe instructions that comes in each pack, then all of the ‘green heart’ recipe kits are all 3g of total fat or less per 100g making them low in fat and all of the ‘Just Add’ meals are low calorie.

Can I place an order online and collect my order in class?

Yes you can. All you need to do is visit our special offer page at www.easypeasycooking.co.uk/josfit4all and use the password josfit4all to enter the site and browse the products. The prices you see here on this website for the ‘green recipe’ kits are at our discounted rate plus you’ll find some unique special offers. At the checkout select ‘pick up from class’ with no delivery cost to you saving you the £1.50 courier charge on the ‘just add’ meals.

When can I collect my order in class?

A number of stock is ready to be purchased in class or can be ordered if not in stock, and those orders will be available to collect in class 7 days later. Please remember that the ‘Just Add’ meals will have a short use by date, as they use fresh ingredients, so it is essential that you collect your order at the following week’s class.

Can I use your discount code if I'm not able to collect my order from one of your classes?

Yes you can. All you need to do is visit our special offer page at www.easypeasycooking.co.uk/josfit4all and use the password josfit4all to enter the site and browse the products. The prices you see here on this website are at our discounted rate with our own unique special offers. At the checkout select ‘free 2nd class postage’ to have your order delivered free to your chosen address if ordering the ‘green heart’ recipe kits.

Are all the recipe kits gluten free?

Yes they mostly are, as long as you stick to the shopping list stated on the back of each pack. Some of the ‘special offer’s may include Naan bread which is not gluten free and a couple of the ‘Just Add’ kits are not gluten free. All of the packs are clearly labelled to show allergen information.

What about other allergens?

Any potential allergens in each prepared kit are listed on the front photo page of each pack, so please make sure you read the information to assess the suitability of the product for you. Additional allergens may be present in the shopping list items, so please check before purchasing any ingredients. Due to the nature of the packaging environment, the packs may contain minor traces of nuts.

What exactly do the kits contain?

With the ‘Green Heart’ recipe kits you are buying the herb & spice mix that has been developed by a local Suffolk chef. With each main dish, side dish and curry paste you also get a shopping list, so as you know what ingredients you need to buy to complete your meal, and you get recipe instructions to follow so as you are able to cook your own authentic “takeaway” type meal, but at a fraction of the cost and the calories! The delicious seasonings and salts give suggested uses on the packaging. With the ‘Just Add’ range then you are buying almost everything you need to cook your meal: You just add up to 4 ingredients to complete the meal following the recipe instructions.

How many servings are in each kit?

There are up to 4 servings in each of the ‘Green Heart’ recipe kits and with the ‘Just Add’ meals you order a kit for 2 or 4 people. All of the meals once cooked can be frozen to be eaten at a later date, and portioned up first if you are cooking for say, 1 person.

How many products are there in each range?

As of November 2017, there are 23 ‘Green Heart’ main dishes , 3 side dishes, 16 seasonings, 6 curry paste kits & 5 herb and spice cooking salts. There are also 12 ‘Just Add’ meal kits (but these are only available to order in class.) Plus there are special offer collections, bacon & salmon curing kits.

Can I give you feedback on the products?

Yes please do! As a relatively new product on the market, Easy Peasy Cooking will welcome your feedback and use it to develop the product further. You can do this by contacting Jo’s Fit4all Classes or Easy Peasy Cooking direct.

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