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Lose weight and get fit with Jo’s Fit4all Classes. They offer everything you need regardless of what shape, size or age you are: With a weekly weigh in, exercise, motivation and simply the best support Jo has the winning formula for you.

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Pictured here are 4 of Jo’s award winners in 2016 – Gary, Fenella, Liz & Jackie: Jo loves to give you incentives throughout the year to help you stay on track, so don’t delay, join today and you too, could become an award winner!

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Improve Your Health

Get fit and slim by losing weight at a class that includes nutritional advice and exercise.


Feel Great

Exercise releases happy hormones and helps you change shape so you’ll soon look and feel great!


Lose Weight

With Jo’s help learn how to eat more healthily whilst still enjoying delicious food.

Get Fit

No more trying to do it on your own – exercising to music in a group is much more enjoyable.

Find Support

…with an instructor who cares about you. Your results matter as much to Jo as they do to you!

Have Fun

We have fun both in and out of class as Jo organises various events throughout the year.

Do you need to get back in shape? Then I can help you...

         I’m Jo Butcher and I understand what it’s like to to have to answer yes to that question too. I honestly never believed I could be slim but after losing 5 stone I proved to myself that it was possible. I decided to train in fitness and nutrition and now run regular classes each week across East Anglia incorporating dance-style aerobics, Zumba, Pyramid, HiiT & toning.

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Where are the classes held?

Fun & Friendly

Our classes are friendly and fun and we have a social calendar with theatre trips, charity events, trips to TV shows, an annual health spa weekend and a Christmas party to name just some of the things we do together.

Below you can see some of the lovely members from my Stowupland classes.

Suitable for all

Classes are designed for all ages, sizes and shapes……and for both men and women.

Nutrition & Exercise

Jo offers both exercise AND nutritional advice all in one easily accessible class.


You have the flexibility to choose whether to exercise, get weighed OR do both.

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Time for a diet?

Have you reached the point where you need to do something about your weight or fitness? It’s so easy for the lbs to creep on and before you know it it’s not lbs anymore it’s stones? It can feel like a daunting task but Jo’s classes have everything you need, and having been overweight herself she knows how to inspire you, so join today and you won’t look back.

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We all need to start somewhere so whether you have a little or a lot to lose, if you feel it’s the right time for you then take the next step towards a “new you” and get in touch.

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Exclusive Membership Benefits

Weight Loss Toolkit

Jo gives you all the tools you’ll need to build a weight-loss plan that’s going to work for you – it’s not a one diet fits all approach!

Monitor & Measure

Jo helps monitor your progress with regular weigh-ins and vital statistics measurements including the option to use body composition scales once a month.

Make the Change

Under Jo’s expert guidance you’ll find the motivation and support to change your eating habits and exercise plan to one that works.

Celebrate Success

Jo regularly and consistently rewards members that achieve their personal weight loss goals so as they can mark their successes.

Be Inspired

Jo loves to share the inspiring stories of successful slimmer’s at class. You could be one of her next fabulous success stories!

Value for Money

Jo offers a money back guarantee to anyone that isn’t satisfied with her service and the support she offers. What have you got to lose?

Versatile Membership Schemes

Jo offers simple and flexible membership schemes to suit every need.


New members are welcome

You will receive a warm and non-judgemental welcome, and if you’re on your own Jo will be more than happy to introduce you to some existing members at the class.


Try us for Free

Not sure it’s for you? Then try us for FREE – at the end of the class if you feel it’s not what you’re looking for then that is not a problem at all.


Money back guarantee

Jo is so sure you’ll be delighted you joined that she offers a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Why not join today?

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